Photoshop Environment Brushes

Photoshop Environment Brushes


Photoshop brushes: 39 in set

A collection of all the Photoshop brushes I find myself dabbling with when doing environment artwork. Typically a select few are used much more than the others but they all certainly have their uses. The image in the background is made entirely using the Photoshop brushes found in this set, with every brush being used at least once. I normally don’t use them so extensively or so exclusively when painting and I certainly don’t encourage it, but in the very least it shows what they can achieve. Please remember folks that good art is not all about the Photoshop brushes you use. They are as much a tool as photoshop itself and should be viewed as such when you’re still learning. Some of the Photoshop brushes have been made by myself and the rest have been tweaked from others that are freely available on the internet.

Terms of use:

Free for commercial use

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4.6 MB


TheEchoDragon (Download this brush set & more info)